Politics – dikt av Carol Ann Duffy

How it makes your face a stone
that aches to weep, your heart a fist,
clenched or thumping, your tongue
an iron latch with no doors, your right hand
a gauntlet, a glove-puppet the left, your laugh
a dry leaf twitching in the wind, your desert island discs
hiss, hiss, hiss, the words on your lips dice
that throw no six.

How it takes your breath
away, the piss, your kiss a dropped pund coin,
your promises latin, feedback, static, gibberish,
your hair a wig, your gait a plankwalk. How it says
politics – to your education, fairness, health; shouts
Politics! – to your industry, investment, wealth, roars, to your
conscience, moral compass, truth, POLITICS POLITICS.

Diktet er hentet fra Carol Ann Duffys diktsamling The Bees.