Looking for Anne of Green Gables

looking forAkkurat nå leser jeg historien om Anne fra Bjørkely. Irene Gammel har skrevet boka Looking for Anne of Green GablesThe Story of L.M. Montgomery and Her Literary Classic. Her er et lite utdrag fra boka:

Maud was thirty years old when she wrote Anne of Green Gables in 1905, and thirty-three when it was published. Already there was some gray in her hair, and the conflict between youth and agewas raging inside. She had been working like a Trojan to combat her feeling that she had failed in life. We know that Maud was an addictive diarist who nostalgically dwelled on the past, letting the it shape the present. But she was also ruthless in burning and discarding old letters, documents, diaries and notebooks. The documents we have  available today – journals, scrapbooks, photographs, and letters – do not contain the original notebooks that Maud used for her fiction writing. Only the distilled version that she wanted us to see was alloweed to survive. And yet she has also left a few clues behind, as if she wanted to be found out, teasing us with little snippets of revelations.